For us at Kentaur®, it is not enough to tell you that our products are sustainable and produced under socially responsible conditions. We also want to show it to you.

Even though we have already come far, we know that there are still many things that we can do better. Therefore, we also continue to work on developing more eco-friendly processes. Our goal is climate neutrality, and the certificates guide us towards this goal.

At the bottom of this site, you can find our certificates. Do you want to download our certificates? Then scroll to the bottom and find the certificate that you need. 



STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a certificate that guarantees you as a customer that all components in the certified product have undertaken a screening process for harmful substances. Thus, every button, zipper, sewing thread, and more have been inspected. 

The clothing can only get the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate if it has been assessed that no component can harm human health. For the examination of the item, OEKO-TEX uses unaffiliated partner institutes that follow the OEKO-TEX® criteria catalog. 

The criteria often exceed national and international requirements. Each year OEKO-TEX® adds new scientific knowledge to the catalog.  

With our products that have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate, you will have products that do not harm your health.  



The STeP by OEKO-TEX® certificate ensures a sustainable production of textiles and leather. The certificate gives customer transparency, as it is possible for you to trace every element in the clothing. 

Hence, you can see where the materials come from that were used to produce your item. Also, you can see how many kilometers it had to travel to get to you. 

STeP by OEKO-TEX® differs from other certificates as it does not focus on individual aspects but makes a widescale analysis, from chemicals to social circumstances. The STeP analysis examines the following: 

  1. Chemical management
  2. Social responsibility 
  3. Environmental performance 
  4. Quality management 
  5. Environmental management
  6. Health protection and safety at work 



MADE in GREEN by OEKO-TEX® is a certificate for textiles. Products with this certificate are considered eco-friendly and produced under socially responsible circumstances. Also, products with this certificate do not harm your health. 

 MADE in GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certified products have a traceable supply chain and thus are transparent. 



BLUESIGN® is a certificate that focuses on sustainable chemicals. With this certificate, BLUESIGN® wishes to take care of nature and humanity. They do this by collaborating with brands, manufacturers, and chemical suppliers. BLUESIGN® only applies to 1412. 



Fairtrade® is possibly the best-known certificate. As the name already alludes, Fairtrade®-certified products have been manufactured under socially responsible working conditions. 

Hence, the farmer has been paid better for his/her raw materials. Correspondingly, farmworkers got a better salary. Fairtrade® supervises the working conditions on the farm, where they inspect social and ecological aspects. 

Products from Kentaur® with the Fairtrade® certificate contain cotton. Cotton with the Fairtrade® certificate has, throughout the whole value chain, followed the Fairtrade® Standards - from the farmer to the finished Kentaur® product. 

Every 3. years, there must be a renewal of the certificate. Thereby, Fairtrade® makes sure that the Standards are consistently complied with.



The Green Button® is a German national certificate for textiles. To get this certificate, companies must meet the requirements defined by the Green Button®. The requirements concern the security of humans and the environment and are divided into 46 social- and environmental standards. 

For example, the company must ensure regulated working hours for the employees. Also, the salary must at least be minimum wage. 

Child- and forced labor are forbidden, as also the use of harmful chemicals. The company should avoid working with dangerous pesticides and comply with the limit values for wastewater. 

The Green Button® cares for sustainability throughout the whole value chain. Therefore, the look at the company from one end to another. 


DIN 10524 - HACCP

DIN 10524 - HACCP is an industrial-Standard that sets hygienic requirements for workwear used in the food industry. The HACCP collection from Kentaur® is regarding the DIN 10254 certified in all 3 Hygienic risk categories. 



STeP by OEKO-TEX® Certificates: 

Poland & Serbia



Standard 100 (1676-235) & Standard 100 Recycled (2276-363)


Fairtrade® (2020-2024)


The Green Button®


DIN 10524 - HACCP