Kentaur knows how important it is to take responsibility for the environment and to work together to take better care of the planet that our children will inherit. We know that we can make a difference by adapting our behaviour and thinking in new ways. Kentaur therefore wants to be an environmentally conscious company. We believe that the future is green, and we want to reduce our environmental impact through our operations. Kentaur wishes to think in new ways and work with new materials, and we will always support and encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. We will raise awareness of environmentally friendly products and materials, and we will be a reliable and environmentally responsible partner for our customers.

Chemicals and restrictions
Kentaur knows that the textile industry is hard on the environment, and we wish to ensure that our daily operations limit our environmental footprint as much as possible. We prioritise considerations for the health and well-being of our workers in the supply chain, and of our colleagues and users. That is why we focus on reducing the use of harmful chemicals in the production of our clothing.

In connection with the production of high quality products, which emphasises the importance of uniformity and colour fastness throughout the product’s life cycle, it is impossible to avoid chemicals entirely. Kentaur therefore has its own chemical programme through which we restrict usage. As part of the chemical programme, Kentaur has its own Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate, which ensures that the Danish Technological Institute continuously controls the use of chemicals and verifies all certificates of fabrics, accessories and the finished products. The Bluesign® Standard is also a part of our chemical programme. The Bluesign® Standard guarantees permanent monitoring of consumer safety, the environment and resources and processes. All process steps and the chemicals used are subject to strict control criteria. We inspect our containers and conduct random checks in relation to added chemicals and gases to make sure that our threshold values are below the predefined values from the Danish Working Environment Authority.

Kentaur’s internal focus
For us, taking responsibility for the environment is not only a question of the choice of materials and the actual production process. We believe it is equally important that we also take responsibility. We therefore monitor everything from transport to Denmark to the handling of residue fabric in order to reduce our energy consumption. Kentaur has established measurable KPIs, so that we can register our internal consumption of resources and optimize our consumption through constant improvements. We are also working with an ever-increasing focus on the recycling of cardboard and industrial waste. We work on a daily basis to minimize "waste" and the use of packaging is one of our priority areas. Therefore, we do not pack every single piece of clothing in a separate bag or add a tag.

We are aware of the hazards associated with air transport and we work every day to shift more and more of our transport requirements to ships and trucks. We want to reduce the volume of waste fabric and we are therefore developing different products for e.g. trade shows, which are made of leftover fabric. We also offer our customers collection bags made of leftover fabric from e.g. older models.

What is kentaur doing for the enviroment

  • Oeko Tex certified
  • Checking and validation from the Institute of Technology
  • Random sampling of our containers
  • Focus on air transport
  • Focusing on internal resources
BCI cotton for better environment

BCI cotton for better environment

BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) does not only take responsibility for the farmer and his career in the cotton cultivation, but also respect the environment and the health of the earth. The change of seed and limited use of water resources are important measures.

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