Supply chain management

Supply chain management


One of our most important tasks is to ensure good conditions for the people who are involved in the production of our clothing collections. We want to ensure that human rights are respected and that workplace health and safety are in order. We believe that strong relationships with our production sites and our suppliers provide us with a common understanding, so that together we can develop our business in a sustainable direction.

Improving workers' conditions
Since 2011, we have been a member of the amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), which ensures that we focus on our production sites and our suppliers. Amfori BSCI is a business-driven joint initiative that helps distributors, importers and brands to improve conditions for global workers in the supply chain as well as for the farmers. Through our membership of the amfori BSCI, we are provided with a Code of Conduct which, among other things, means that child labour, hazardous work and remuneration below the industry standard are unacceptable. All our existing partners must sign our Code of Conduct, which is based on the amfori BSCI principles.

Kentaur does not own its production sites and we therefore concentrate primarily on partners who are already amfori BSCI or SA8000 audited before production starts. It is important to us that we produce our work clothing under the right conditions, and we therefore visit our production sites several times a year. It is only through close dialogue and regular visits that we can and will influence each supplier with our views on human rights and labour conditions. If we start production before the relevant location is amfori BSCI audited, we will always conduct an internal screening assessment to ensure that a amfori BSCI auditing will be possible within the next three years.

Every product is composed of many different components, such as sewing thread, zippers, buttons, etc., and they undergo numerous processes such as drying and colouring, which are often performed by subcontractors. Kentaur works continuously to improve transparency throughout the supply chain and to achieve positive change wherever possible.

Why choose Kentuar

  • Signed the Code of Conduct.
  • Member of UN Global Compact
  • Member of BSCI
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