Catalog 2021/2022

Catalog 2021/2022


We are delighted to invite you into the Kentaur Universe with our Main Catalog for 2021/2022.

Based on our shared knowledge of the many different situations in which working clothes are used, we have designed and developed high quality clothing with excellent functionality. Your experience is at the core of our product development.
The new catalog is packed with exciting new products based on innovative and comfortable design and our efforts with
sustainable fabrics.

At Kentaur we make a point every day of taking more responsibility. This is an element of our sustainable strategy: Work.Wear&Care. We want to take responsibility for the industry we are part of, and we want to make sustainable, climate-friendly working clothes available for everyone in their daily work, as a natural and responsible choice.

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, where we have selected three specific goals, selecting sustainable materials and
the UN Global Compact form a natural element in our daily work. On page 8 in the catalog you can read much more about our
efforts, which we are constantly seeking to improve. Another step we are taking is certification by Grüner Knopf / The Green

In addition to the work with CSR and sustainability, the focus is also on improved inventory management, adding Value Added Service (VAS), long Product Life Cycle (PLC) and not least, delivery at the agreed time as an absolute requirement. These values form the basis for our principles “Value for Textile Service”, where we especially make demands on ourselves in a constant search for optimization and product innovation.

HoReCa & Retail: Clothing for the world of gastronomy and the convenience goods trade
Food Industry / HACCP: Clothing for the food industry, where HACCP certification is required
Healthcare & Service: Clothing for the health sectors – both private and public, and service workers
Pants: A wide range across all the segments
Shirts Concept: T-shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts or Fleece – we can meet all needs

We would like to highlight some new items in the catalog:

The A Collection on page 26-29 is now also available in a black and white variation. “A” stands for Alchemist, since this collection has been developed in close collaboration between our designer Masaaki Minamishima and celebrity chef Rasmus Munk. He and his staff wear this collection in his 2-star Michelin restaurant on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. The whole series is available with the smart snap-on aprons in many different styles – either basic or classic. Snap-on aprons eliminate the loop around the neck strap, as they are snapped onto the shirt or jacket instead. It is a great ergonomic solution. If you prefer the classic loop around the neck strap, it is also available as an accessory.

The Biker Chef/Service Jacket, which you can see on page 31 is a rethink of the chef’s jacket. The neat details make it a perfect match for the cook and/or service staff who wants a cool, basic look. Like the A collection, the jacket has fasteners on the front
for the clever snap-on aprons.

The Chef/Service Pique Shirt and T-shirt on pages 34-35 is another sharp alternative. Pique simply looks right, and is smart and comfortable for a busy day in the kitchen or service staff. Whether you want it with long or short sleeves, we have a good model with exactly the right details and a great look.

The Outdoor chef Jacket on page 36-37. Chefs are beginning to take their kitchens outdoors, to the beach or woods or to a barbecue. We supply an outdoor jacket, now in several colors, in a stronger quality, with a more outdoor look.

The Gourmet chef Jacket is a superb, cleanly styled chef’s jacket in Tencel™ Lyocell, which you can see on page 41. The softness of the fabric makes it highly suitable as workwear close to the skin. The Gourmet jacket is recommended by the Danish National Team of chefs for the Danish Gastronomic Union, and was developed in collaboration with them.

The Wing Jacket from Kentaur is always popular. You can see it on page 43 – now in four sharp colors.

The Modern Fit Chef/Service Jacket / the HACCP Jacket. A favourite has many names. This simple, elegant and exclusive jacket is shown on page 45. It has been developed in Tencel™ Lyocell fabric, which is known for its comfortable soft and breathable quality. The jacket complies with DIN 10524 requirements (HACCP), with no outer pockets, and press buttons in stainless steel. Inside at the front panel is a hidden pocket for a pen or tweezers. Kenneth Hansen, the Bocuse d’Or World Champion in 2019, approves this jacket.

Sustainable Aprons. We have made it even easier for you if you would like a sustainable apron. See them all on page 95-97.

Pique Line. We have been looking forward to introducing our new Pique Line Series. You will find 6 Pique Line models in 8 practical fashionable colors. All shirts and tunic models have an extremely good fit. Both fit and colors are resistant to repeated washing. The wide range of models in the series and the variety of color combinations makes it possible to meet individual wishes and requirements, because we all have different tastes, figures, movements as we work, and ideas of what comfortable working clothes are. Dive into the world of Pique from page 150.

Tencel™ Lyocell. We take responsibility, and we are constantly seeking sustainable fabrics that make a difference environmentally, but at the same time meet our strict demands for comfort and functionality design. Tencel™ Lyocell is the number one sustainable fiber in fabrics. Our designers have created a collection in which the properties and design of the fabric interact in sporty work uniforms with indispensable details for everyday functionality. The fabric is also outstanding in many fine, clear colors, which are resistant to washing. Last, but not least, we are delighted to be able to supply a fibre that does not have a
negative environmental impact. See the whole range from page 171.

Pants. For the first time, we have chosen to group all our pants in a single section, according to their colors. We give you a helping hand in the introduction to the chapter, with an overview, and advice and guidance on choosing a model based on silhouette. The silhouette shows how the fullness of the pants can be either Shaped, Regular or Relaxed – and on the following pages the entire Kentaur range is divided into these categories. This section starts on page 192.

ProWear. Find the ProWear series in attractive new feminine colors, either as T-shirts or Polos, from page 240.

Those were just a few highlights from what you can see in the catalog. You can always find more information at