Kentaur images

Kentaur images



We are very pleased that you are using our images and would like this to continue. Kentaur is in touch with the market. This gives you access to professional images you can use in your advertising.

Although we want to make the download of images easy there are some guidelines for publication. Based on the marketing law we want to inform you how to use our images.

Advertising regulations
All images from the product pages are available for download and can be used for general advertising. In this context general advertising is defined as advertisements including social media, catalog and web. Do you want to use the images otherwise for example bus advertisements or advertisement movies please contact Kentaur. All other images may not be used for advertising purposes. Images may not be used to market products ohter than Kentaur's.

It is important that you keep yourself updated on Kentaurs website. Images not displayed on the website may no longer be used. Any violation is at your own risk. The provisions apply only model / location images.

For further information about our images or are you in doubt how to use them, please feel free to contact us by mail or phone +45 7594 1177

On our website you will find images of our innovative news as well as model and location images, which you of course can download free of charge.

You can find inspiration here.