New catalog for 2021/2022

New catalog for 2021/2022

We have just launched our brand new main catalog for 2021/2022. The catalog is filled with exciting news and a lot of other products from our extensive range.

You can browse through an e-paper version of the new catalog here

We have also created new, industry specific online catalogs, so it will be much easier for you to access our products that are best suited for your industry and needs:

  • HoReCa & Retail
  • Healthcare & Service
  • Value Added Service

Discover brand new styles designed for your comfort and even create you own specific catalog. Just click on the catalog you would like to see in the colunm to the left of this page.

Make your own catalog
Once you have opened the link to our new e-catalog, you can actually start building your own version of the catalog. Simply click on the burger menu next to the page numbers and then select "Build your own flip book".

Then you can select the pages that your own catalog should contain and send it as a pdf to yourself or a customer.

Watch video with instructions on how to build your own custom catalog