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Service shirts - a regular part of the uniform

The shirt is one of the hotel and restaurant industry's most traditional garments. It is a regular part of most work outfits, regardless of whether you have the title as a chef or if you work in the retail industry. Because the service shirt is a natural part of the workwear, it is essential that you find the right one. At Kentaur, this is precisely why we have a wide selection of service shirts, available in several colours and models.

Service shirts designed from experience

Through our dialogue with users and tests, we at Kentaur have created a large selection of service shirts that meet the industry's needs – both in terms of the practical and in terms of design. This means that there is always a service shirt that suits the user.

If you want a classic look, our men's shirt with contrast in white is a good bet. This model has an improved fit which ensures that the server always feels comfortable. The shirt even has incisions on the back, sewn buttons with contrast thread and cuffs. With a service shirt like this, the elegant and classic look is brought out into the restaurant and to the guests.

Different models - same high quality

There must also be room to stand out and show personality. This can be done, for example, by choosing a service shirt in a beautiful burgundy that adds a little colour to the workwear. Our burgundy ladies’ shirt has a classic and feminine cut and a form-fitting fit. The shirt is available with both long and short shirt sleeves so that the workwear can be customised according to the season, making the workday more comfortable for the user.

Everyone is different. That's why we at Kentaur have server shirts in a wide selection of colours and models. Common to all models is the high quality and optimum functionality that ensures the user a comfortable shirt while maintaining a fresh look.