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Achieve an elegant look with the server waistcoat

There are many details that need to be taken into account when it comes to finding the perfect work outfit. At Kentaur's, functionality and comfort are always included in the work clothes, so the employee is guaranteed a comfortable working day. However, functionality and comfort are not the only parameters to be considered when selecting workwear. It is also important that the clothes fit the image that the business wants to portray. Here, the service waistcoat can make a huge difference. If the business wants an elegant and classic look, the service waistcoat is the obvious choice. It adds an extra layer of elegance to the work uniform and greatly exudes class and luxury.

Fit and quality for the classic look

At Kentaur, we promote quality. This applies to all our products - including our service waistcoat. We design all our service waistcoat models in good materials and always have the employee who has to wear the waistcoat in mind. We develop our models in collaboration with our users. In this way, we know that the fit of our models is as it should be, and provides comfort to everyone — no matter who needs it.

We have service waistcoats to suit everyone. For example, try our women's waistcoat in black with a modern fit that provides an improved fit. The waistcoat has an adjustable back, incision and tailored front with easy access to the hidden push buttons. As the server waistcoat is available in several sizes, anyone wearing it will be able to achieve the classic look.

Service waistcoat for every industry

In spite of the name, service waistcoats are not made exclusively for servers and restaurants. Supermarkets, bakers or delicatessens can, like restaurants and cafés, enjoy this classic clothing. When the service waistcoat is a regular part of the work outfit, it shows that nothing is compromised. The same goes for the look.