Sustainable Kentaur
– noticeable sustainability

At Kentaur sustainability can literally be felt, when we dress a large part of the European labour market in sustainable clothing every day throughout the entire year. We design, produce and treat our environment with respect and dignity at all times. Our designs are not only cool – they are also stylish and durable, just like our quality. That is sustainability for us.

“In a world with constantly growing social and environmental challenges, it is important, that all companies are active and make responsible decisions, when it comes to people and the environment. Kentaur A/S has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2011, and we want to continue to adhere to the 10 principles outlined by the UN Global Compact Initiative.”
Bernt Dahl, Founder, Kentaur

We recycle approx. 3 million plastic bottles in 2019

The Sustainable Kentaur concept is made of sustainable materials such as Repreve® Recycled Polyester made of plastic water bottles. In 2019 we recycled approx. 3 million plastic bottles. The bottles are chopped and melted into fine yarn. The fibers are woven together with the textiles. The result is our Sustainable Kentaur concept. The entire concept consists of sustainable fibers such as BCI cotton, Fairtrade cotton, Repreve®Recycled Polyester and Tencel®.

Durable sustainable clothing

Kentaur has considered the durability of the product in the design. It is our shared responsibility to manufacture clothing with greatest care. A well-considered design in each product has a main characteristic. It provides well-being at work and is of great value to our customers. The combination with sustainable textiles with long durability, that retain their appearance after every wash, are properties that benefits the environment.

Charity in every meter

We want to reduce the impact on our environment when manufacturing our clothing. We are far from perfect, but we are constantly trying to think about every step of our actions to reduce the impact. We have taken the lead and hope that our customers will support this initiative. The best and most enduring changes are those created with charity.

Sustainable Kentaur is not only comfortable, durable and functional workwear, but noticeable sustainability.

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