Kentaur offers a wide range of professional chef aprons in durable fabrics that are suited for industrial laundry. Select an chef apron to view more and see the variants.

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Professional Chef Aprons

In the hotel and restaurant industry, work days are often busy. The pace is quick, and many things must happen at the same time. It is here that a good apron has its place. Whether it is a bib apron for the chef or a waist apron for the server, these aprons must be able to keep up with the pace of the industry. This is why we at Kentaur design and produce all our aprons in a durable material of exquisite quality. The high quality means that the clothes can withstand everything that the user is naturally exposed to during the work day.

Chef Aprons for any purpose

An apron must be able to meet all the needs that arise in the work day. We have a wide selection of different aprons, both very simple without extra additions and more detailed with several pockets and straps. For example, the products in our Raw collection can be adjusted and made to precisely fit the user. Many chefs also move about the restaurant, so the smock can be turned over, so it can also function as a service apron. There is a hip pocket in which there is room for the tea towel, and the neck strap can be adjusted to sit comfortably without rubbing and irritating. For the simpler category, our Unisex front piece is of high quality with front pockets and sewn straps. It is available in several different colours, so it is possible to choose a colour by season -– or perhaps by mood.

Quality chef aprons with personality

No business is the same. Therefore, the chef aprons should not be. Tastes regarding colours, shape and functionality differ from customer to customer and user to user. If the kitchen needs a new look, then the style can be changed quickly and easily by changing the apron. If you want a noble and elegant look, this can be achieved with our aprons in classic black. If a more bold and raw expression is desired instead, the products from our RAW collection are a good bet. 
Whatever style is desired, we at Kentaur have a wealth of models to choose from. Our designs ensure a good, well-tested and consistent quality that meets all the requirements of the industry. Our aprons are made of materials that meet all the challenges of the work day and many washings, while maintaining a fresh and attractive look.