Chef jackets

At Kentaur, we see ourselves as the innovative partner. We take the lead with new and functional designs on our chef jackets. We highly prioritise the details and are proud of our Nordic design, which has a simple and attractive look.

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Modern Chef Jackets

A chef’s profession is characterised by professional pride, which we always incorporate in our thinking when designing or developing our chef jackets. We use only the best materials, all of which are durable and have a long shelf life. In this way, we ensure that the chef jacket always looks sharp — even after many hours of work.

We develop chef jackets with professional chefs

When we at Kentaur call ourselves experts in Textile Service, it is because we know our products meet all the users' wishes and needs. When we add new cookie jackets to our range or further develop our existing designs, we take real chefs on board. For example, we include the Danish chefs team in daily work, in which they are a really good sparring partner within product development. We are in close dialogue with the chefs, so we are constantly learning the trends and requirements of the culinary profession. We test and observe so that we know how our white chef jackets can be optimised to make them even more comfortable to work in. When we develop the cool chef jackets with the chefs who use them, we ensure that the clothes have all the features that a modern chef may need during his/her working day.

A chef jacket for everyone

A chef whites is not just a chef jacket. Buttons, sleeve length and colour may vary. At Kentaur, we have everything from Chef Jackets with short sleeves to Unisex Chef and Waiter Jackets. All our models are made of comfortable fabrics, which help optimise the working day for the employee. If you are looking for a lighter and more modern kitchen uniform, have a look at our popular chef shirts. No matter which model you prefer, we guarantee that you will get a chef whites that is created specifically for the chef.