Trousers for chefs

It's not just about cut, look and colour when the perfect set of work clothes are put together. It is not enough to choose the shirt in the right colour and the apron in the right shape. In order to complete the uniform, all parts of the ensemble need to look and sit just right. This also applies to the chef trousers. Kentaur's server and chef trousers are prioritised by comfort, quality and fit. We develop chef trousers for those who need them for work, which they find comfortable all day long - even after long consecutive work days.

Comfort for any profession

Everyday life for most servers and chefs is characterised by long hours of movement. That is why it is especially important that their chef and service trousers are designed so shape and functionality perfectly suit the employee who needs them. At Kentaur we have trousers for both the chefs and the waiters but also for the baker and the butcher. At Kentaur, can guarantee that there is a model for you that is perfectly suited for your needs and use.

With focus on the details

At Kentaur, comfort and practical details go hand in hand. Through constant dialogue with users, we know how the trousers should be, feel and look. We develop our trousers in terms of shape and use, because we know that it is the small details that make the difference in a busy everyday life. For example, we have narrow legs for the service trousers, black and white pepita trousers, comfortable sweat trousers for drivers and narrow-leg Unisex chef trousers w/thigh pockets, elastic in the back and several pockets. The possibilities are endless with our models for service, chef and work trousers. There are models for every taste and every need. We have thought about the details, so you just have to choose the model that suits you best.