Workwear for the food industry Workwear for the food industry
Workwear for the food industry
We meet the requirements of HACCP and DIN ISO 10524

Kentaurs HACCP collection is certified after 3 risk categories.

RISK CATEGORY 1 (RC 1): Low hygiene risk
Where there is a low hygiene risk (handling food or ingredients
which are not perishable), the protective function of the workwear towards the food can be low if the food is sufficiently protected by the packaging, or if it is to be further processed at a later stage by the manufacturer or consumer.

RISK CATEGORY 2 (RC 2): High hygiene risk
Where there is a high hygiene risk (handling unpackaged perishable food or ingredients) the protective function must be high, in
particular if the food in question is not to be further processed and micro-organisms could multiply in or on the food (e.g. for food sold unpackaged). This category also includes processes in which food is processed either mechanically or manually, and where the natural bacterial flora is specifically targeted (e.g. by heating, salting, preservation using chemicals or drying) during processing.

RISK CATEGORY 3 (RC 3): Maximum hygiene risk
Where there is the greatest hygiene risk (handling unpackaged, extremely perishable foodstuffs for immediate consumption), an extremely high protective function must be guaranteed, as the foodstuffs have not been stabilised by processing, and microorganisms including viruses could possibly multiply.

Source: Hohenstein