Workwear custom-tailored to the customer

Kentaur's finest task is to make work clothes for the entire European market. We have 28 years of experience behind us and make it our priority to design, develop and provide the highest quality business clothing.
At Kentaur, we are proud of our market knowledge and innovative spirit. We know the textile service requirements as well as the users and the market. When combined with our many years of experience and knowledge gained from, for example, focus groups, testing and dialogue with users, we can ensure the right know-how and guidance when it comes to choosing the right products. No matter whether the industry requires the workwear to be a white coat or a hair net, we have a large selection of high quality workwear.

With an eye for quality

For us, workwear is not just workwear. We always keep an eye on the details, because it is the small details that make the difference in a busy everyday life. If the elastic in the trousers rubs or gets in the way during a long work day, it means irritation and discomfort for those working in the clothes. When designing business clothing, we therefore focus 100 percent on comfort, quality and functionality. We only collaborate with a few suppliers, so we always know the quality of the products. We test all new products before they are introduced into our range, both in our own laboratory and in relation to washing and using them in the workplace.
In this way, we ensure the workwear always works best in the given profession, while maintaining colour, shape and appearance - even after many days of use.

With regards to collaboration, we take the lead

At Kentaur, we take the lead. We are innovative, forward-thinking in our developments and are proud of our Nordic design line with its simple style and high quality.
We set the trend in the industry. But that is not something we do alone. Our workwear has been developed in cooperation with you. We listen to you, because you are the one who has to work with our clothes every day. Early in the development process of new assortments, Textile Service is included so that together we can ensure that the workwear has the functions required by the given industry.

We have reached our goal when your employees feel comfortable in our work clothes. Therefore, we truly appreciate our close collaboration. All of our business clothing is tested by users through focus groups, ambassadors and professional laundries, and we listen to your needs. In this way, we anticipate the needs before they arise. That's why we call ourselves trendsetters within workwear.

Workwear from the best materials

There is a growing interest in the functionality of workwear. Workwear is not just an apron or a pair of trousers. It is an ensemble of clothes in which everything comes together. It is workwear that retains colour and fit even after hundreds of washings. Clothes that do not show wear and tear – even in the most exposed places. At Kentaur, these are the things in which we are experts. It is the perfect combination of market knowledge, design and form, materials, product economy and delivery security, which ensures that we provide you with the highest quality workwear.