About Kentaur

About Kentaur

Workwear with attitude Workwear with attitude
Workwear with attitude

Innovative and functional workwear

Kentaur specializes in work wear to the global market. We are dedicated to creating innovative and functional work wear with a focus on streamlining and optimization of our customers' operating costs. We have an internationally established concept that supplies total solutions.

There is a growing interest in the functionality of work wear. We have for many years designed and developed our work wear in close dialogue with our users. At Kentaur, workwear is more than just a white coat or a pair of trousers - it is a total product based on:

• Market knowledge
• Ergonomics and functionality
• Design
• 100% laundry suitable quality
• Product economy
• Delivery reliability

Whether you come from Textile Service or you are a retailer, we monitor the requirements of your industry and we can help you with targeted solutions. Kentaur is constantly in tune with current requirements and we continuously optimize our range, to ensure that our work wear is innovative and comfortable.

Your opinion is important!
It means a lot to us that you and your employees feel comfortable in your work wear. Textile Service is involved very early in the process of developing new ranges. This ensures that the work wear is functional and that it improves well-being in everyday life. One of our strengths is that we listen to your needs through good dialogue and an exchange of experience. We therefore test our work wear with the help of users in focus groups, ambassadors and, not least, the professional laundries. We use our know-how to guide you as a partner, but also in our product development. Through dialogue, we become aware of needs before they arise, making us the trendsetter within work wear.

Who are we?
Those who know Kentaur know that for us, work wear is not just work wear. It's work wear with attitude. We cherish the entire value chain and we make conscious choices on that basis. With our clothing, you can feel that there is a great deal of thought behind the product.

We take seriously our responsibility as human beings and as suppliers. It is therefore natural for us that we are part of the UN Global Compact and of the BSCI. We thereby guarantee you that our products comply with standards for human rights, the environment, labour rights and anti-corruption.

These values ​​are deeply rooted in the way we work

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Value for Textile Service

  • Innovative Solutions
  • 100% focus on fit, functionality and timeless design
  • Product development
  • Long product life cycle for newly developed products.
  • NOS stocks and optimal logistic solutions
  • Combination possibilities and economically product solutions
  • Close integration and dialogue
  • CSR goes without saying
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