Our history

Our history

Kentaur was established in 1990 by Bernt Dahl. The historical roots go back to 1927 when the company was known as Fredericia Kittel Fabrik. The company, which was later renamed Kentaur dealt with a wide range of workwear. In connection with the corporate restructuring in 1989 Bernt bought the rights to the name Kentaur and the light range of workwear.

In the early nineties, Kentaur experienced a consolidation and acquisition wave in the Danish laundry industry. The period was marked by increasing international trade, which led to Kentaur's start in the export market. Exports have since developed, leading to a solid positioning in the German laundry market in particular.

Kentaur has delivered continuous growth throughout the period. In recent years, the development and transformation has mainly been in the shift from being a trading company to becoming a production company. In 2019, Kentaur built a new European logistics center in Poland, as well as established production companies in Poland and Serbia. So today the group consists of a number of sales companies and production sites in Northern and Eastern Europe as well as Asia, and the ambitions to grow the business further are clearly defined in the future strategy.

In the coming years, Kentaur will establish its position as a key player in the European textile service market with a focus on providing sustainable workwear, tailored to the individual customer's needs. 

The foundation "Value for Textile Service" symbolizes that Kentaur has with its business understanding and innovative views on functional workwear created strong ties to large parts of the laundry industry. We want to make a difference in the market through sustainable collections, service, innovation & design, quality and high delivery security.

The head office is located in Fredericia, where approx. 45 employees are employed. In addition, Kentaur employs approx. 350 - 400 employees in subsidiaries in Norway, Poland and Serbia. Additional approx. 400 employees with a permanent partner in Vietnam.


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  • 1990 the founding of Kentaur.
  • 1994 Export to Germany begins. Design and range is expanded from white coats to also include coloured tunics and smocks.
  • 1997 Export markets are expanded with Austria. Kentaur moves to a new address.
  • 2001 Production is expanded from Poland to also include China. Kentaur Norway A/S is founded
  • 2003 Export markets are expanded with Switzerland and Italy. Production in Poland is expanded.
  • 2008 Sales are doubled from 2006-2008. Production in Vietnam is established. Full focus on textile service.
  • 2015 Kentaur A/S implements a new strategic plan for 2017 with a growth target of 40%. Production is expanded to Serbia.
  • 2017 100% digitisation of order placement and marketing. Global online shop. Strategic plan for 2015-2017 is realised with a growth of 60%. New strategy for 2020 is implemented.