You may have noticed the different symbols on our product pages. These symbols provide specific information about certain features of each product. Want to know what these symbols mean? Then we have made an overview for you

Moisture Management - The product contains fabric with moisture-absorbent benefits that keeps the wearer dry throughout the day. 

Pull up Cuffs - The product has a user-friendly pull-up cuff with an elastic band and button, which makes it easy to pull up the sleeve without having to roll it up. 

Pull up - The product has user-friendly sleeves that can be pulled up quickly with an elastic band in the sleeve. A time-saving, hygienic, and ergonomic feature. This feature is design-protected and is only available at Kentaur. 

Adjustable waist - The product has an adjustable waist, allowing for a better fit and more comfort for wearers with narrower hips. The adjustment is made with an elastic band and a button or with a snap fastener. 

Interlining - The product has stiffening interlinings from Freudenberg, which meet the requirements of Textil Service and ISO 15797. The patented adhesive counteracts detachment and bubbles, for instance in collars and cuffs. 

Ergonomic Neckline - The design in the neck ensures an even distribution of the top's weight on the upper body, providing ergonomic benefits. This is particularly important when the pockets are filled with various utensils, making the top heavier. The cut can help prevent neck pain, headaches, and numbness in the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

The regular Silhouette - This cut offers a close fit without being too tight. Regular sit neither too tight nor too loose. This cut offers a close fit without being too tight. Regular sit neither too tight nor too loose.

The relaxed Silhouette - This cut is loose from the hips downwards. 

The shaped Silhouette - This cut fits tightly from the knees downwards. 

ISO 15797 - The product meets the requirements of textile service companies and can be washed according to the ISO 15797 standard. 

HACCP - The Kentaur HACCP collection is DIN 10524 certified in all three hygiene risk classes. This quarantees that the clothes have a high protective function and comply with the legal requirements for food safety. 

Inches - Optimal fit - The product is supplied in inch sizes, which provides a widened range of sizes. This enables the wearer to find pants with an even better fit. 

VAT dyed - VAT dyed are used to dye cellulse fibers such as cotton and Lyocell. VAT dyed products, provided they are correctly handled, have the best attainable color fastness. In addition, VAT dyes withstand bleaches better than other dye types, which is an advantage in products which must withstand industrial laundering. 

Breathe & Stretch - The product contains materials that allow greater breathability and mobility. This means increased comfort and freedom of movement. 

Comfort Stretch - The back of the product is cut on the bias, and the diagonal direction allows greater elasticity and freedom of movement for the wearer. 

Stretch - Stretch offers the user optimal comfort. Our stretch material is of high quality and can withstand high washing temperatures without compromising the fit or stretch properties.

Mobility Sleeves - Products with "Mobility Sleeves" have a sleeve fit that ensures that the jacket does not slide up during movement.