Customized solutions

Customized solutions



Kenflex is the name of our program where we together create customized solutions. Now a days it is more important for our customers to have their own expression than ever before.

A relative simple way to create synergy between employees and workplace is through a deliberate colour choice. For instance it could be the colour of a logo you would like to integrate or a particular atmosphere you would like to express.

If you choose one of our standard designs it will be possible to exchange the colours of different parts with other wanted colours. The chosen colour just has to be one of our already existing fabric or accessories.

Read more under 5 simple steps or contact Kentaur for more information concerning orders and delivery time.

The number of colors must be equal to the standard model. If the standard model has the same color at the collar and piping, only one color can be selected.

Rules for customized solutions

Get inspiration for new customized solutions in our range, can be found HERE.

01  select collar

01 select collar

Based on our standard qualities of fabric and colors, it will be possible to decide the color of any collar throughout our range. The material must be the same as our standard model.

02  select PIPING

02 select PIPING

Select a color for the piping on the chest, side or front, for example. a chef jacket. Choose from our standard assortment and create your own image in relation to your logo colors etc.

03  select FLATLOCK

03 select FLATLOCK

Select the thread color for the flatlock. You can choose between one or two thread colors from our standard assortment.



Change the color of the trimming on e.g. pockets or collar regardless of which model in our assortment. However, the same number of colors as in the standard model must be selected. Contact Kentaur to learn more about your



On some of our models it is possible to change the color of the side part. However, the quality must be the same and the number of colors must match the standard model.