Create an overview of news and discontinued articles

  • You can get an overview of new products and discontinued models by entering "Discontinue" and / or "News" in the search field. You will be able to print the entire list.
  • Under the product categories you can arrange news and discontinued articles in the filter option.

See how easy you can create the list!


How do I return items?

Please follow the instructions under customer service / return of goods. Click here to return the item.


Where do I buy Kentaur clothes?

Write to customerservice@kentaur.dk and we will refer you to a dealer. Click here to see the list of dealers.


What are the sizes like?

In general, our sizes are a little big compared to the fashion industry. There are exceptions. Therefore, we recommend you to look at the sizing chart for each product.
The general sizing chart can be found here 

How to measure


Can I get a logo on the item?

We recommend that you contact your local Kentaur dealer and let them help you with logo, company name, etc. on the clothing. This is easier, cheaper and faster.


Is it possible to get custom designed clothes?

If you ordrer larger quantities you have the possibility to design your own clothes for individual style, color and so on. You can see more under customer service/ customer specific solutions or click here on KENflex®