Washing guide

Washing guide

Designed With the user - tested by laundries

Kentaur designs and manufactures work wear that conforms to the user’s requirements as well as the requirements of industrial laundries. We only produce work wear with high quality materials and accessories, and we only supply good, proven and consistent quality that meets the demands of Textile Service. Kentaur does not own its own production facilities, so it is important for us to build strong and trusting relationships with our suppliers and thereby ensure that we are familiar with the entire production chain. We use relatively few and well-known fabric suppliers, as we are confident they can meet our customers' requirements.

Kentaur tests all newly sourced fabrics in our own laboratory for e.g. durability, pilling and colour fastness, and it is important for us that our carefully selected materials also function well in the finished product. The industrial laundries are therefore an essential part of our entire approval process in relation to the final selection. For us, it is important that appearance and fit are preserved for as long as possible. We therefore recommend that you follow our laundry instruction.

Please see our washing guides below:

Garments in 65% polyester/35% cotton

Garments in 50-70% cotton/30-50% polyester (cotton-rich)

Garments with TENCEL™ Lyocell/polyester

Garments in polyester

Precautions before washing

Kentaur’s fabrics are tested according to ISO 15797 and the majority of our product range is washable according to the ISO 15797 standard. It is always important to follow the washing instructions provided in the product.

First wash:

  • Always wash the clothing before use. This also applies to size sets.
  • The first wash for white should always be at 80° and 60° for colours.
  • Only fill the machine half full for the first wash, especially for dark fabrics.
  • Denim contains excess dye and the colour loss will be greatest in the first 5 washes.


  • Always wash before taking first measurements.
  • Use the correct model and colour when taking measurements, especially for trousers and shirts.
  • Fabrics with stretch should be washed between each measurement.


  • Never wash white and light coloured clothes together with dark.
  • Empty all pockets.
  • Zip up all zip-fasteners and close Velcro openings.
  • Press buttons must be open.
  • Only fill the machine 2/3.
  • It is important to use the correct dosage and washing settings Incorrect dosing of disinfectants can reduce durability and change the appearance of the fabric, buttons, accessories etc.
  • Regularly check the rinse water’s pH and alkaline levels.
  • Always avoid chemical residues in clothes by ensuring thorough rinsing and neutralization.


  • Drying should be in a dryer or tunnel finisher.
  • Minimize wrinkling by cooling at max. 3-4° per minute.
  • Residual moisture in the clothes of 35-45% gives the best finish results.
  • End surface temperature of max 85° on cotton and composite products.
  • Avoid over-drying.
  • Remove clothes from the dryer immediately after the cool-down process is completed.
  • We advise against all use of water presses, as this may result in damage to buttons and zippers.

Laundering symbols

StrygeBleach when needed

stryge 2Non-Chlorine bleach

Ingen blegningDo not bleach

Tåler tørretumbling ved normal temperaturTumble drying (normal)

Tumbling v. lav temp.Tumble drying (low)

Tåler ikke tumblingDo not tumble dry

Max 110°C Iron, medium

Tåler ikke strygning, presning, dampning Do not iron

tåler kemisk rensningDry clean (PCE only)

Tåler højeste vandtemp. Mashine wash hot

Højeste vandtemp. 60°C Mashine wash hot

højeste vandtemp. 40°C Mashine wash warm

 Mashine wash warm

Industrial laundry  Industrial laundering 

Advice and guidance

Advice and guidance

If you have any doubt how to do the washing, drying or taking measurements, please feel free to contact our Technical Department on tel. +45 7594 1177.