Meet the Team Manager from the Danish Culinary National Team

Meet the Team Manager from the Danish Culinary National Team

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A few weeks ago, we presented the two team leaders from the Swiss Culinary Teams. Today, we would like to introduce the Team Manager of the Danish Culinary Teams, Jesper Hedegaard Schmidt. In 2020, Jesper was selected as the new Team Manager for the Danish Culinary National Team.

Just like the Swiss team leaders, Jesper received three questions from us regarding his personality and his role as a team manager.

What got you on the national team?

It is definitely my passion for talent development and working with such uncompromising and talented people who disregard all limitations to achieve new goals and better results.

Why have you become a Team Manager?

In my opinion, the Team Manager must be able to remove as much noise as possible from the team members. The members must be able to use their resources to the fullest and focus on the elements in every dish. Also, they must have the possibility to perform the best as individuals and as a team in competitions. My passion lies in solving all the practical, theoretical, and administrative tasks so that the team can perform at its best when we train and compete.

What is the best thing about this job?

It is without a doubt to be among such skilled, sharp, passionate, and cheerful talents who jointly create a synergy that contributes to higher results. I admire everyone on my two national teams for their individual personality and their desire to reach new and higher goals. 

At the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg in 2022, the Danish Junior Culinary National Team and the Catering National Team won bronze. Once again, we wish the whole team congratulations on their medals.